Skyvell Animal Care

Fresh air for the pet owner

We love pets and they often live with us under one roof. Unfortunately, they don‘t always obey our rules and accidents do happen, which usually means we need to deal with long-lasting odours. Whether it‘s urine smell from the cat on the treasured cuddly blanket, or dog poo on the carpet: Oftentimes, any cleaning efforts are unsuccessful, the malodour is still present. The good news is, Skyvell reliably removes these odours and ensures that you can take a deep breath again and inhale natural fresh air.


Intense odours for veterinary, animal care homes or just pet owner with many pets.

Our solution is your gain

When it comes to constant and recurring odours caused by animal faeces and evaporations, Skyvell efficiently eliminates them pH-neutral on a molecular level, leaving a pleasant and subtly fresh scent. Because the fact that nothing is completely clean until the bad smell is gone, is true for every environment.

Complete odour elimation with Skyvell

Skyvell Spray, for immediate and targeted odour removal
Spray it on all surfaces such as furniture’s and sofas or in the air, eliminate all bad odours quick and without leaving any residues.

Skyvell Gel, solves odour problems around the clock
Skyvell Gel is applied everywhere where odours occur regularly. Near cat litter boxes
or dog blankets, for example, it eliminates all bad odours lastingly for up to 30 days.

Skyvell Multi Use, for carpet cleaners and as a washing additive for all types of textiles
Suitable for textiles subject to heavy wear with persistent odour. Ideal for bed sheets,
linen and clothes up to carpets. Works efficiently against malodours such as faeces,
urine or vomit.


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